High Quality

All operations in Eugenia Tech are audited by and comply with VDA6.3

Fast Delivery

All delivery are controlled by ERP systems automatically,reducing waiting time.

Best Warranty

Aftersale engineer team will appear on site within 5 days if VISA available after receiving customer complains.

3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
Furnace Transformer
Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer
Substation Transformer

About Us

Nowdays electricity has been the most important form of power,however over 50% of the planet lacks complete electric facilities.While some industrial countries like East Asia,North America and West Europe are working on a green energy revolution,others are troubled by aging basic electric facilities,backward technology and lacking engineer team.

Eugenia Tech is committed to enable customer the abilities to produce distribution transformers and other related electric products with anvanced processsing skills.Product design,raw material source ,machine source and on site technical support are its main buiness.

Eugenia Tech makes the future brighter!

Help customers achieve rapid and health developments through our efforts.

Our Advantages

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Rich Industry Experience - Wide Market Influence

Adapt to market demand: an enterprise integrating development, design, production and manufacturing of transformer equipment.

Strict quality management: precise production, careful testing, stable performance, and a strict testing system from production to delivery.

Complete range of products: for different customer needs, quality guaranteed!

Improve technology and craftsmanship: Strict management and professional team will design and manufacture satisfactory products for you.


Customize - To Meet Your High Standards

Industry consultant technology: consultation + exclusive solutions, experienced team, precise control of needs.

Customization according to actual needs: Reduce customer costs and provide customized application solutions.

Implement production standards: Production can be customized according to the actual needs of the company’s machinery and equipment.

Meet customer needs: product quality is not afraid of market comparison.

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Direct Selling

Best Price - Factory Direct Sales

Control production costs: benefit customers, high production capacity, low scrap rate!

Improve product performance and price: Continuously carry out technological reforms to improve product performance and price.

One-stop factory direct sales: no intermediate price difference, affordable and transparent prices.

The delivery process is fast: direct delivery is completed, eliminating intermediate links and reducing circulation costs.


After-Sales Protection

After-sales service system: sincere and thoughtful service, timely and rapid communication with customers.

Problem-solving ability: When customers encounter problems, quickly locate the problem and provide solutions.

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